Motivation and Underachievement

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Motivation and Underachievement


Presenter: James Webb, Ph.D., SENG Founder
Core Area: Social & Emotional
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Many gifted children underachieve and have problems with motivation. Motivation, far more than intellectual ability or creativity, can be influenced, shaped, and developed. Learn the most common reasons for motivational problems.

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Motivation and achievement are common characteristics of gifted children, but how do we help the G/T students who aren’t meeting to their full potential? In “Motivation and Underachievement”, a 1-hour course, James T. Webb, Ph.D. dispels the myth that every gifted child is excelling in every area. He also provides strategies for identifying core issues and motivating students to their full potential.

You will learn:

  • What it means for a G/T child to be unmotivated
  • Four main reasons why gifted children underachieve
  • Factors that enhance and facilitate student growth
  • Practical strategies you can use in the classroom

This course is aligned with 2016 ODE Teacher Competencies d, e, and NAGC Teacher Preparation Standards 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, and 5.5.

Dr. Webb is a nationally-recognized psychologist, author and consultant on the social and emotional needs of gifted and talented children. He established SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted Children, Inc.) in 1981 and he currently serves as the chair of their Professional Advisory Committee. He is also the president of Great Potential Press, Inc. Dr. Webb graduated from Rhodes College, and received his doctorate degree from the University of Alabama.

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