Make This the Year of Purposeful Professional Development

Purpose in Life Impedes Impulsivity.

That’s the headline of an article that made the round in gifted social media circles over the holidays.

In the article, writer Tom Jacobs summarizes some newly published research, “which finds people possessing a sense of purpose are more likely to make choices that pay off in the long run, and less likely to get sidetracked by the need for short-term gratification.”

As an educator, you are very familiar with the idea of impulsive behavior. No matter what grade level you teach, you most likely see impulsive behavior on a daily basis. Impulsivity explains why:

  • Sam never stops talking
  • Gloria is perpetually cutting in line
  • Jennifer has to touch everything in sight
  • George squirms so much that a leg fell off his chair

Do you struggle with impulsiveness in your classroom?

Children are non-stop case studies in impulsive behavior, but we adults are not immune to it either. As educators impulsivity can cause inconsistency in the classroom and confusion for students.

According to this research, one of the best ways to curb impulsivity in your classroom is to infuse purpose into everything you do, especially professional development.

Purposeful professional development to help curb impulsivity in the classroom

Purposeful professional development equips you to meet the challenges faced by your students in your school. That is what is so great about TAGT On Demand. With a library of over 100 hours of training, your courses are customized to address the unique professional development needs of every gifted educator.

Last week I gave you a quick rundown of every course we published in 2015. This week I’m going to give you a quick preview of all the purposeful professional development we’ve got lined up for you in 2016.

Purposeful Professional Development

  • Challenging the “Hidden” Gifted Underachiever (6-hour) by Carolyn Coil, Ed.D.
  • Creativity x 4 (6-hour) by Carolyn Coil, Ed.D.
  • Teaching and Learning for 21st Century Gifted Learners by Richard Cash, Ed.D.
  • Defensible Instructional Practices for Secondary Gifted Students: Deep, Complex, and Critical! by Richard Cash, Ed.D.
  • Future Proofing Your Students by David Sebek
  • The Common Sense Guide to the Common Core by Katie McKnight, Ph.D.
  • Building Critical Thinking Skills and Infusing Creativity and Creative Thinking Skills into the Gifted and
  • Talented Classroom by Bob Iseminger
  • Closing the Achievement Gap by Joyce Juntune, Ph.D.
  • Argumentation in Writing for Career Readiness by Katie McKnight, Ph.D.
  • Differentiated STEM Activities and Assessments for Gifted and Talented Students by Carolyn Coil, Ed.D.
  • Creativity & Improv to Improve Literacy Learning by Richard Cash, Ed.D. & Katie McKnight, Ph.D.
  • Learning Centers by Katie McKnight, Ph.D.
  • Clearer Thinking (Six Thinking Hats) by Brenda Davis, M.A.
  • Perfectionism in the Gifted Child by Lisa Van Gemert, M.Ed.T.
  • GT, SPED, 504…Oh My! by Mary Ann Clark
  • Guided Reading by Jennifer Leal, M.Ed.
  • Literacy in the 21st Century by Katie McKnight, Ph.D.
  • Meeting the Needs of Gifted Students in the Multi-Ability Classroom part 1 & 2 by Joyce Juntune, Ph.D.

That is just a small sample of the new courses that are available. You’ll hear from some of your favorite TAGT On Demand experts like Joyce Juntune, Ph.D., Lisa Van Gemert, M.Ed.T. and Richard Cash, Ed.D.; plus we’re adding some great new faces to the library as well, like David Sebek, Jennifer Leal, M.Ed., and Brenda Davis, M.A.

Here’s to more purposeful professional development, and less impulsivity!