Which way of ordering is most suited for you:

  1. Hour bundles are best suited for orders of at least 6 hours and up. If you’re a coordinator, you’ll want to order this way because it will be the most cost-effective way.  To order bundles, simply add the hour bundles to the shopping cart.

    You can purchase with a Credit Card via PayPal or with a Purchase Order. We will contact you to let us know how you would like to distribute the hours within your district or campus.

  2. Individual courses are ideal if you only need a few hours or a single hour in a very specific topic. Or maybe you attended a live training with one of  the instructors and would love to revisit the training again to go in-depth.

    Simply add the course titles you want to order to your shopping cart, and follow the checkout process. You can purchase with a Credit Card via PayPal or with a Purchase Order.

Additional Information for Coordinators & Directors

You get a lot of flexibility when using our online training library.

  • The hours you order can be assigned to teachers however you would like. 6 hours per teacher, 3 hours per teacher, 1 hour per teacher, or any combination of these.
  • The courses you select are available online 24/7 for the entire school year.
  • Each teacher will have a unique account allowing you to track their progress individually
  • Teachers are linked to their campus and district. So if you have teachers that trained on their own using our system, you’ll be able to see their certificate of completion and give them credit
  • Check teacher progress, responses, test scores, and completion certificates

If there is a feature you don’t see and would like to see it included in the LMS,  contact us at jan@tagtondemand.com and use the subject line “lms feature request”. We’re excited to serve you!