TAGT Learning On-Demand Is Online Professional Development
For The G/T Community, By The G/T Community

It’s  difficult for small or large districts to provide targeted and differentiated PD to their G/T teachers when there are limited funds available in  G/T budgets.

Also, large districts can’t send every G/T teacher to TAGT conferences, while smaller districts don’t always have the funds available in their budgets to bring in recognized experts. If you do hire well known trainers, there are always teachers that have scheduling conflicts that miss out on highly desirable training.

That’s why TAGT and Responsive Learning have partnered with respected G/T trainers from the private and public sector.

Together we built the only professional development online library for the G/T community.

How TAGT Learning On-Demand Can Help


The Definitive Way to Provide a Sustainable GT Training Program

  • Increase accountability & compliance with our built in accountability processes, such as:
    • Graded quizzes that require understanding of the material in order to pass
    • Reflective questions that you and teachers can view
    • Engagement activities
  • Unused hours roll over from year to year to maximize your budget and offer the right amount of training
  • Maintains Consistent & Relevant Training Throughout Your District
  • Easily view and manage all your teachers progress via the dashboard and reports
  • Arrange a training session on a moment’s notice, or have your staff train individually
  • Courses are led by expert trainers that have been pre-approved by TAGT
  • There’s no need to coordinate schedules to get everyone in one place at one time


The Ultimate Flexibility In Training

  • Customize your training to fit your needs as a teacher by selecting the courses that are most relevant to you
  • Unlimited year-round access allows you to review courses when you’re ready to apply concepts and strategies in the classroom
  • Train at any time from home, work, or even while on vacation! Some teachers train while their children sleep, others train during prep periods to free up their evenings.


What Coordinators Are Saying

“At first I was hesitant about online training. Now, I can’t tell you how many teachers THANKED ME. I provided 260 hours of training to over 89 teachers and it only took me 15 minutes to set it all up. Plus the system makes accountability easy. Quality PD, a huge time saver, and happy teachers… you can’t get much better than that.”

Gina Peddy, GT Coordinator | Southlake Carroll ISD